This project started in 2001. It started with listening. Three years of sitting in the back of chronic pain support group meetings gave us a glimpse into the world of chronic pain. The information gathered was a start to filling the gap in current health care education regarding chronic pain and soft tissue injury.

Integrating this information into 16 years of private practice has allowed us to recognize distinct patterns and progressions with regard to the development of chronic pain states.

Now we hope to present what we have learned over the past 16 years and listen once again.

We hope you will use this forum to SPEAK and …

  • Create a meeting place for a community to share ideas, insights and experiences.
  • Ask questions arising from the lecture material.
  • Direct lectures with regard to content and presentation through comments and observations.

We will use this forum to LISTEN and …

  • Answer questions that arise from the lecture material.
  • Monitor the discussions in order to adjust the content and presentation of the lecture material in response to your comments and observations.
  • Consolidate your insights and experiences to compile data that may be used to change the current health care system.

The forum is provided for the purpose of encouraging discussion amongst the members viewing the information on the Chronic Pain Simplified Site. Our intention in every communication is to be respectful of all persons and viewpoints and we hope that all members on the discussion forum hold themselves accountable to this same high standard.

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