• Chronic Pain Simplified

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    How can someone appear healthy and yet, be in chronic pain?

    Can the invisibility of chronic pain be explained?

    How can two people experience the same injury and have vastly different outcomes?

    Does chronic pain occur spontaneously or is chronic pain the culmination of a series of long-term subclinical events?

  • Soft Tissue Injury Simplified

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    How can a soft tissue injury result in a chronic pain state when all the tests come back normal?

    Can the invisibility of soft tissue injury of be explained?

    How can your health status pre-trauma affect post-trauma healing?

    Does the outcome of a soft tissue injury depend on treatments that speed the healing or treatments that direct the healing?

  • Sports Performance Simplified

    Are today’s athletes fast tracking to a chronic pain state?

    Does the science of sports performance contain clues for the treatment of chronic pain?

    Does focal research in the field of chronic pain give clues to enhance mental acuity and performance in the elite athlete?

    With media focus on sports concussions and chronic pain, how different is the average chronic pain sufferer from the elite athlete?

  • Corporate Health and Wellness

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    Increase productivity and workforce retention.

    Decrease absenteeism, disability claims and stress.

    Synergistically amplify the benefits of any current wellness initiatives.

    Impact your workforce Immediately, Actively and Predictively.

  • Forum

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    Create a meeting place for a community to share ideas, insights and experiences.

    Ask questions arising from the lecture material.

    Direct lectures with regard to content and presentation through your comments and observations.

    Consolidate your insights and experiences to compile data that may be used to change the current health care system.

STEP ONE: Discover what the course is about and how our method of presentation makes it different from other health care information sites. Understand that comprehending the puzzle of chronic pain involves the construction of an actual puzzle.

STEP TWO: Discover that the issue of chronic pain affects us all and that pain is not an event but a journey. Realize that the puzzle we are building will transform into a map. A map that explains the journey from health to chronic pain … and back.

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