Corporate Health and Wellness

The Problem

Common issues in today’s corporate environment include workforce productivity, workforce retention and lost time due to mental health, stress and injury (soft tissue or otherwise).  Year over year, the incidence and chronicity of these issues are increasing. 

These issues impact virtually all companies. For an insurance company, these issues are amplified in the form of additional stress and cost from front line workers working directly with claimants, increased insured claimants falling into the chronic category and increased cost of coverage of groups and businesses (if they are having the same problems you are, their problems become your problems).

Any amplification of these issues, whether internal, front line or client-based, will increase your cost and increase the stress on HR and staff.  With this in mind, companies are taking a financial hit from multiple directions.

Words commonly linked to these issues, that should be addressed in the solution include: stress, mental health, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, soft tissue injury, pre-existing, personal responsibility and compliance.


The Solution

A video-based layman’s guide focusing on what we like to call “the pre-existing phase”. That invisible expanse of time, behaviour and circumstance that precedes a stress and/or trauma, ie: workplace accident, stress related issue, etc.

Defining the “pre-existing phase” will explain the mystery of why some people can accept any degree of stress and/or trauma and recover in an appropriate time frame, while others fall into the chronic category with seemingly minimal stress and/or trauma.

The program information and solutions presented are science-based and non-diagnostic making them appropriate as an integral, but presently ignored, part of a post-trauma treatment or as a foundation for any wellness-based program.

The ultimate goal of the program is to increase personal health and wellness through knowledge and behaviour modification. This will increase employee engagement and operational efficiency while at the same time decrease the number of individuals falling into a chronic state of injury/illness (long term disability). As well, the program acts as a “wellness program amplifier” by increasing the benefits of any programs or initiatives already in place. 

The program is a six level video-based lecture series.  Each level consists of 10 lectures.  In addition to answering many of the most commonly asked health care questions and providing a comprehensive general education for employees at any level of the corporate structure, the program will also bring to light why soft tissue injury should be the easiest health care issue to treat and resolve.


Corporate Responsibility

If we make people better, we make the world better. There is currently a great push for “green/environmentally friendly” initiatives. This program is a “green” initiative for people. Solutions to complex global problems are going to come from a increase in cognitive and creative mental function across the population. The foundation upon which these solutions will be found begins with the individual and personal responsibility.

Support your workforce.
Save your company.
Support the environment.
Save the world!


Please email us at [email protected] if you would like further information regarding integrating the program into your company’s health and wellness platform or if you would like to discuss a professional development opportunity.




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