Hello, I am really enjoying your course! I have currently completed up to ch.3.0 and perhaps my question is answered later on, but I am wondering if when we are referring to trauma in relation to how the body responds to it with inflammation and biochemical mediators of pain, can this process also happen due to emotional and mental trauma, perhaps even spiritual trauma, or are we speaking on soft tissue injury only? I am wondering this because I am fascinated by the relationship between mind and body, and have recently read Bessel van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps the Score” and have been making many connections in the back of my mind. In the book, Van der kolk mentions studies on how traumatized people often experience obesity and related conditions, cancer and heart disease in greater numbers which really reminded me of when you were speaking on serotonin and its relationship to fibro symptoms.  I see many relationships on how someone suffering from any number of mental health conditions could end up with inflammation and chronic pain. For example lack of sleep due to nightmares could set off a chain reaction all on its own concerning the relationship with the circadian rhythm and all that entails. However, I wanted to clarify in case I may be getting way off base here and wouldn’t want to be making assumptions and drawing lines where they may not actually exist.

Ed Kita Answered question January 30, 2022